Boasting over a decade and a half of in Workers' Compensation law, Workers Compensation Attorney Kevin Cortright comes with a crucial mantra for those who've suffered work-related injuries: shield your interests.

"The foremost rule," Kevin asserts, "is self-protection. In the event of a work-related injury, it's imperative to act swiftly to secure your rights. Report the incident immediately to your employer and consult with a seasoned Workers' Compensation Attorney without delay."

"A seemingly minor injury can, over time, evolve into a persistent problem. It's crucial to lay down a legal foundation promptly, keeping your future options for medical treatment viable. And even if your employer seems supportive, that doesn't guarantee your rights are fully safeguarded."

Navigating Workers' Compensation claims can be intricate, especially when healing from an injury. In these pivotal moments, Kevin lends a compassionate ear, noting every detail to formulate a robust legal strategy. His organizational acumen and disciplined approach stand as pivotal assets in securing favorable outcomes for clients.

The complexities of legal proceedings are best tackled with a experienced Workers Compensation Attorney at your side. Kevin Cortright brings that experience which was honed early on as he witnessed a client suffer both physical and emotional distress due to an injury mishandled by their employer. That encounter charted the course for Kevin's career dedication to justice in workplace injuries.

Kevin's background includes tenure at an insurance defense firm prior to obtaining his Juris Doctorate from La Verne Law School in 2005. This inside look into the defendant's perspective equips him with a nuanced understanding of each case's unique landscape, allowing him to excel both in negotiation and in trial settings.

"Client trust is sacred, especially during times fraught with uncertainty and fear. My commitment to integrity and respect is evident in my legal practice, earning me a trusted reputation in the community. For unparalleled service and advocacy in your Workers' Compensation case, reach out to me."


It can be difficult to understand the proceedings at any point in the process, so having an experienced, trusted workers compensation attorney by your side is essential. Kevin Cortright is that attorney. As a young law clerk he assisted with a workplace injury case where the pain was physically debilitating and the employer insisted that it not be reported, creating severe emotional distress for the client. Bearing witness to that injustice set the trajectory for Kevin’s future career.

Before earning his Juris Doctorate from La Verne Law School in 2005, Kevin worked for an insurance defense firm, giving him firsthand experience in how the “other side” operates. He understands that every case is unique, and with his knowledge and experience Kevin achieves excellent results when negotiating with opposing attorneys or when presenting a case before the court.

“I value the trust that clients place in me during an uncertain and often frightening chapter in their lives. I do my job with integrity and respect, and because of that my reputation in the legal community speaks for itself. Please contact me if I can be of service.”


Sunny Delitala is a workers' compensation attorney who consistently delivers top-tier advocacy for every client.

"No workers' compensation case is too small or too simple for me. They all come with their own set of complexities and they all warrant the same level of dedication and skill. At the heart of these cases are real individuals—people who have sustained injuries, who might be overwhelmed by the legal system, and who could be facing daunting medical treatments ahead. My mission is to defend their rights with the full weight of the law, and I take this duty to heart."

While Sunny's friendly demeanor and bright smile are certainly disarming, they're backed by a tenacious spirit forged in the courtroom. Starting her journey as an Assistant Prosecutor in Michigan, she faced off against challenging adversaries—and emerged victorious. As an Associate Attorney at a prestigious law firm, her meticulous research and sharp analytical talent were instrumental in securing favorable outcomes for her clients.

In the focusing on the field of workers' compensation, Sunny wields a unique advantage: she's well-versed in the strategies utilized by insurance defense firms, thanks to her previous role with one. This insider knowledge equips her with the ability to anticipate and counteract attempts to weaken workers' compensation claims. While she's a proponent of settling cases through adept negotiation to avoid unnecessary court costs, Sunny is equally prepared and eager to champion her clients' rights in court whenever necessary.

Put simply, Workers Compensation Sunny Delitala is the stalwart ally you need when navigating the complexities of workers' compensation. Her combination of experience, empathy, and expertise makes her the Workers Compensation attorney that will stand up for you and your rights fearlessly.

Why Choose Local Workers' Compensation Attorneys?

Being injured on the job can be a life-altering experience, and navigating the complex world of workers' compensation can be just as daunting. If you're an injured worker seeking legal assistance, you might be tempted to enlist the help of a big-name firm from out of state. However, there is significant value in opting for a local workers’ compensation attorney.

Local Workers Compensation Expertise

Local workers compensation attorneys are knowledgeable about the state-specific workers’ compensation laws that will directly affect your case. They have a practiced understanding of the regional legal environment, including:

  • Workers’ compensation statutes specific to California
  • California State-specific filing deadlines and procedural rules
  • Connections with nearby rehabilitation providers and vocational experts

Relationships with Key Players

Hiring locally means you're working with a workers compensation attorney who is familiar with the local workers compensation courts and judges, as well as the insurance adjusters and defense attorneys who operate in the area. This familiarity can be an invaluable asset in your case as it means your attorney knows:

  • How local California judges tend to rule and their preferences
  • The tactics commonly used by local California workers compensation defense firms
  • The best strategies to negotiate with familiar insurers

Accessibility and Communication

A local workers compensation attorney can provide the personalized attention your case requires. With proximity comes ease of communication and the ability to:

  • Meet face-to-face without the inconvenience of travel
  • Get timely updates and attend meetings without extensive planning
  • Easily provide and review physical documents or evidence

Community Commitment

Local attorneys are more than just legal advocates. They have a vested interest in serving their community and helping local citizens. By choosing a local workers' compensation attorney, you also benefit from:

  • Their dedication to the well-being of your community
  • Support from someone who understand the challenges facing local workers
  • A service provider who sees you as a neighbor and not just another case number

Successful Track Records

Many local workers' compensation attorneys have built successful track records through consistent practice in the area. They can provide references from local clients, which helps in:

  • Assessing the attorney’s performance based on local cases
  • Gauging their success rate with clients in similar situations to yours
  • Confirming their reputation within the local business and legal community


When it comes to getting the legal support you need after a work-related injury, the benefits of using local workers’ compensation attorneys cannot be overstated. They offer knowledge, beneficial local relationships, and a level of accessibility that can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Most importantly, they are committed to the community and to you, their local client.

If you're in need of a workers' compensation attorney, consider the value of going local. It's not just about getting legal representation—it's about finding workers compensation attorneys who will advocate for you and your community’s interests every step of the way.